Church History

In the year of 1998 while holding the pastorate of Saint Pauls Church of Christ in Clinton, North Carolina, Pastor Onyx Martin heard the voice of the Lord speaking to him, telling him that a new ministry would be birthed out in this area and he and his wife Cathie would be the vessels that he had chosen to bring it forth. 

While walking with the Lord and obeying the lead of the Spirit, the first phase of God’s plan began to take shape and the Higher Level Theological Seminary opened it’s doors for the first classes to begin October of 1999. 

With the seminary successfully flourishing, graduating it’s first class in May of 2000; Pastor Martin obtained his Doctorate Degree. The Lord directed Dr. Martin and wife Cathie to start the second phase of his plan and the Rhema Bible Book Store was birthed and opened for business in August of 2000.

Still working a full time job with the Clinton Head Start, holding his Pastoral position at Saint Pauls Church of Christ, instructing the seminary, his wife operating the book store, all this and still maintaining his integrity as a faithful husband and dedicated father, the Lord required even more.

Continuing to follow the lead of the Lord, the day came for phase three to begin. God opened the eyes of his faithful two and gave them the opportunity to expand the book store and start the new ministry at the same time. Procuring a building in Kenansville, North Carolina to house both. Dr. Martin and a faithful few worked diligently and the building was prepared.

Armed with purpose, obedience, and the vision God had set before them, Pastor Martin and his family stepped into a “New Dimension of God’s Glory.” Launching out on pure faith, the birth of Higher Level Ministries was complete and took it’s first breath outside the womb as ordained on January 5, 2003. The doors of Higher Level Ministries opened that morning at eight o’clock. The first service began with no members, but holding fast to divine directive from God, Dr. Martin and family came with expectancy and the favor of God to do the work he ordained them to do. 

The mission of Higher Level Ministries is to be a light set on a hill, for the equipping of God’s people, by teaching the word of God that will allow them to live a victorious life in Christ. Building their faith acknowledge that it is about relationship with God and not being bound to religion and the traditions of men.
Since the first service the Lord has showered blessings upon this ministry. As more and more join the house and take up the vision in which the Lord has put forth, he continues to take us to higher heights and deeper depths. Membership is up to 100 and growing.

As we pause to commemorate three years of ministry, it is with God and the sweet communion of his Holy Spirit that the battle is being fought and the victory is being won. So we shout with a voice of triumph.

Lord we love you, we honor you; and we thank you for all that you have already done. We give you glory as we await with expectancy for the things you will do.

“Higher Level Ministries We Soar Above the devil and Live on a Higher Level”


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